Consensus is proud to support and raise awareness for Gridskippers in their quest to raise money to Save the Arts! for NYC Public schools.

December 13, 2015

Gridskippers goes “Prime-Time”

Amazing…. A huge thank you to our whole team of supporters, sponsors and friends! With their help, we have had terrific success getting the word out about saving the Arts and why we are risking life and limb to race through India on a three wheeled lawnmower! This week a special thanks needs to go out to our new favorite copywriter, Missy Kurzweil!

Missy was able to put together a kick-ass press release about how the art programs in New York City such as ArtsConnection and Broadway Artist Alliance, really saved the lives of my three children Logan, Holden & Jack (… You may even have actually seen her release in one of my earlier posts.

Well… because of her fantastic writing, this story was picked up this week by 232 different media sources from all around the country. From the Boston Globe, to the Miami Herald and even theSacramento Bee and Fort Worth’s Star Telegram, they all decided to pick up our story and publish it this week to their potential audience of 190,913,800 people!!!

As you know, all the funds we are raising for this year’s 2016 Rickshaw run are going into these three categories:

Joanna and I are raising money for Artsconnection, a charity whose only goal is to put Art programs back into our Public Schools.

Our partners in Crime and fellow Texan Gridskippers, Kim and Danny Bowen, are raising money for their son, Caleb’s, schools’ extracurricular activities.

And finally we are both raising money for Cool Earth, the charity chosen by TheAdventurists, the mastermind and creators of this great race through India, the Official Rickshaw Run!!

Thank you again everyone for all your help as we get closer to race day! Actually we head to India in 14 days!! “GULP”