Mobile Bearing Knee System

The Consensus Mobile Bearing Knee System has been developed on the foundation of the Consensus Knee System with its proven clinical experience and intelligent engineering.

The consensus knee System has expanded its implant offerings to this mobile bearing design to reduce wear and provide surgeons with a dual articulation and inserts are designed to be compatible with Consensus Knee femoral and patellar components.

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  • Oval design increases the coverage of lateral aspect of the resected bone and improves contact area in flexion
  • Medialized spherical dome anatomically positions apex of the patella
  • Patellar instrumentation (3) allows components to be recessed for enhanced stability
  • All-poly and metal backed components provide 10mm of replacement
  • 7.5mm all-polly components for use with onlay technique
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Titanium Surface Technology

Consensus Orthopedics Titanium Surface Technology is available on key regions of Consensus Knee components to provide an enhanced mechanical interface. The Porous Titanium Bead structure is coated with a plasma deposition process that further enhances adhesion to the porous area.